Monday, March 16, 2009


Classrooms were soon to be in silence. Students will finally complete their agony for a year and quiet prepared for the summer. School buildings, canteens, student center, covered area, computer lab, etc. will be muted. All of it indicates that school year was going to an end. Everyone for sure were too thrilled for the upcoming summer vacation, however some were unhappy for they will going to take their summer classes. They used to consider summer classes as an enjoyable experience although maybe it wasn’t. I guess still it’s worthy because even if we exert an effort to study while others were enjoying their summer vacation, at least we learned something.

The experiences will surely stay for a long time. The immature will grown-up and yeah, we’re no longer freshmen but instead, a sophomore. The crazy things will maybe turn into solemn. The eleventh hour experiences will be a moral lesson that will surely makes us thinks that we shouldn’t did and maybe laugh when reminiscing. The saddest part of it was we won’t be together with the old friends that we used to be and we will adjust all over again. Not just for classmates, friends but also to the new teachers.

Now that the classes will end, I do hope that in spite of my duty to attend the summer classes, I will enjoy the seasonal days. I listed the things that I want to experience this coming summer. I don’t want to expect but all I know is that I want to be blessed with what might the summer brings. Being a student, summer usually starts in April. Opportunely, April is my month and it’s in a first day. It’s an opportunity to start the summer with my birthday. Hopefully, there will be a gathering or a celebration that day. *hoping*.My birthday was actually the first entry of my summer list. Next thing was the kada’s plan which is outing. It’s surely going to be a summer full of trip fun. Next to this was followed:

→ To join the audition as a disc jockey
→ Play instruments with friends
→ Meet old friends
→ Family outing and ‘kada outing

That was maybe a not so good idea but that was just the things I could deal on. I’m hoping to experience all of that. Anyway, thanks to those people who really forced me to join or agree to take the opportunity from someone to let my vocal sound be heard? (too bad) I love you guys! *smooches*

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The week is now open for another anxious in a student’s list every semester. Payments were ready so long with the clearance by each college. Every student must compile the 2 main and important things for them to take the examination. It’s always a student’s drama. We all admitted that having a clearance is quite annoying. It’s an important thing to be done for it is one of the requirements for students to take the exam that’s why they're enforced to do so. It’s a final examination yet I don’t know what will be the result. All I want is to pass all the subjects especially the major one, IT 121/Programming 1. All of the struggle will finally end and yes! next is summer. After this obstacle, I know students will have their own way of celebrating their summer vacation. To the entire student’s who will going to take their exams, god bless to US! God is always there, this will surely end! *aja!*

It'll end here .. [; I need to finish my research papers.

wheng <3

Thursday, March 5, 2009

soon to be 18 ..

A tiring day. i don't know why I decided to post another entry but well, not a big deal. (LOL) Just want to share things about debut .. haha! feel ko lang gawing title.
Maybe soon to be but actually next year pa. neaha (LOL) I would just like to share my thoughts or maybe plans on how to celebrate my 18th birthday next year, April 1, 2010. *giggles* It was such a cool idea to post this (la lang, haha. basta)

Anyway, girls most awaited birthday on their lives was their 18th and yeah! I was a bit excited for that special day. Some girls used to celebrate their natal day with the special persons of their lives; family, relatives, long lost friends, elementary, high school and even college friends. With the cool venue, nice arrangements, yummy foods, having a party with those casual persons is maybe one of their plans. Pero ibahin niyo ako (haha. LOL!) Maybe before I appreciated those kinds of celebration but for now, just as I thought “HiNDi NA” I just realized ---

Why do we need to make it special if we really can’t afford that kind of celebration?
Why force?
Why need to do a lot of things if it wasn’t just that easy?
-- I guess the best and good answer for that is “GO if you really and has a dots to pay and a BIG NO if you just can’t” No more other reasons but you just need to accept it.
Just these past few months, I decided to make a plan for my 18th birthday. Well, some used to celebrate it with their family, relatives and friends—so I was. I would like to have a small and simple party BUT gusto ko sa ibang place. I mean not just here, but sa ibang lugar. haha! (demanding) Mas malayo as much as possible (hope so) Basta, kahit saan as long as kasama ko lang family ko elsewhere. So much for that, syempre hindi mawawala mga friends ko, while I’m here I want to have a cool party with my friends earlier before my birthday. Kahit ganun lang, I know everyone will enjoy. Hope everything of this will be granted (sana talaga)
Wonder what are those gifts I want to receive in that day? Secret, haha. LOL. No, basta yun ‘yong bagay na gusto ko since 3rd year high school pa ako. [; Sana magkaroon na ako nun. weee. pahabol na din yung bagay na nagustuhan ko ngayon. goodluck sa akin. XD
wheng <3