Thursday, July 30, 2009

melancholy night in the hospital ..

This entry was supposed to be last night but unfortunately, I didn't post it because first and foremost, I need the internet and maybe 'em a less fortunate not to have those internet kits/broadband connections (USB) to bring it anywhere. Anyway, sorry for the late post.

Actually, the title should be "She's thinking a lot of things and bothering =" I don't know. I just feel like transforming it to "melancholy night in the hospital" Anyway, from the title itself, it describes the feeling/emotion of the writer. Just find it out :
Here's what she wrote last night.


Oh, it’s 1:25 am and yeah, ‘em still up. I’m in the hospital, captivating and observing *tita byul’s situation*. My mind is occupied with a lot of things; the school thing, family, friends and someone L I was busy then, from school to my self’s condition. Am I really good? I don’t even know what was happening. I go to school with sorrow, still respects my family with doubt, being good with my friends with some restricted info’s, not all but some? I was depressed after ‘kog left me. I was being curse with abhorrence and honestly, it’s not that easy to set off the latest experience I had that was, maybe a days. L I still care for him, thinking of him and wondering. I was just thinking how can I encourage myself not to think incorrect things. Until when would I agonize this feeling? What would be the right thing to do? It’s hard, really. But well, what can I do? I’m here; I should accept the fact that I really need to experience such. But how would I understand the reality? Is it really worthy enough? Uh, God, help. L I was thinking a lot of things, the reality of life, the consequences or even the precise moment encountered/we might encounter. Well, maybe I’m not that ready but yes, I’m trying =( I don’t know why I wrote/type/share this, sorry but one thing’s for sure, the feeling cannot be keep anymore. It burst and ready to share. Please do understand K the unhappy and frustrated wheng. tss end 1:53am