Monday, February 8, 2010


It's sunday and the day is almost perfect for a new life, new beginning and new blessings to live. Last January 24, 2010, 8 o'clock in the morning, a new baby BOY born. He made everyone smile. His dad, mom, siblings, tita's and tito's and ofcourse his grandmother and grandfather both sides. It was such a wonderful day God offer to those people; for they discover and witnessed the success of birthing a new angel.

My brother (his dad) is obviously worried for what had happened inside the delivery room that time. The doctor said "Husband? your wife .... CS". My brother was quiet worried about it. After staying calm, the doctor then said again "IT'S A BOY!" He was beamed after knowing that finally, here's a boy in the family.

My two nieces (his siblings) Patricia Monica (9 yrs old) and Bea Clarrise (4 yrs old) were very happy. Laughingly, Bea tell her dad "Gawin ko yang bakla pa, takutin ko yan". His dad laughed and yah, his face looked better that time. LOL :P

Okay, then again. The whole family had a great time observing and taking good care of this baby boy and surely, everyone in the family will love him, sooo much like a precious gift. I know, it'll last until forever.

We named this angel as Rob Clarence A. Miase :) uh, yah that's my new nephew :*
Oh, how i love this boy, sana good boy xa hanggang paglaki :D