Saturday, October 25, 2008

the yesterdae's . && enrollment's about tu come ! X.X

ei, its been days .. ahehe, and I hav new things to blog about .I just had my new self. the old new plain self. haha! being alone whole week at my room, eat. sleep. sound3p . txt. and movie mara. haha. last last dae, i had my new dress. the brand i relli wan tu hav., (hotkiss) at home, i just found it good though i hate the color (pink).

yesterdae, it's rainy day and I was like pissed off wen kua disturbed me from mui beauty rest. haha! he ask me to pay the bills. but lucky, i've got a reward after. haha. reward. i'll kept it fer my daily load? haha. adiik.

wen I went home, haha. i had a call . chitchat. hmmm, it's november. knwon to be the haloween month. of course I really want to look fer a cute movie to watched for. ahaha. but unfortunately, i dun hav my companion. unexpectedly, rj invited me fer a movie. felt so happi haha. yet 'lil bit nervous. ahaha. i reli want to be wit him. hmmm? haha . funny.

movie, movie, movie. I just recently watched a movie yesterdae. it was just a good movie, da story was ok, as well as the effects. it is sure good too watch, the genre of the movie was suspense, action, thriller and maybe horror hehe. XD i just dun hav any pics ..

and f'nally enrollment's about to come ..
ohmy! we dun have enuf money to pay fer my enrollment's amount.
haha, joke. mui sister had just sent money fer my enrollment.
kind'a excited. my besfriend were plannin' to study in my skul.
we're threee now. the 3 piglet's .. haha!

no pics fer dis blog.
nxtime maybe.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

last dae exam! final's over .. XD

awuu! thank god .. it's over! haha .. hmm, 'lil bit OKAE .. haha! iT 113 && R.E .. hmmmm, haha! well, after exam, mall galore .. harhar. wit friends (taldot && franz) mhy and dhy (franz and her boilet) met den we're out of place. so, we decided to stroll. haha! XD w/o even knowin' taldotx wanna buy a "color jeans" haha! so we've tried to look for dat kyut one .. den plup ! 'blue green' ., looks cool. whaa! how i wish i do hab mui money to buy. woink (; poor . after dat, 'PORT CAFE' here we are .. haha! (; we relli looks so hungry. *eat eat eat* haha. babui. hmmmm, den we've got sum picx .. lots of "kalukohan" haha .. try to check it out! (above)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2nd dae exam! x.x

awuu! juscu .. almost done ! 2 subj left! and tomorrow's gonna be our last dae .. then ... SEMBREAK .. haha! (; well, it went out so bad . i dun even know how to solve doz urgh problems. wew. i guess 'em 80% fail .. huhu. english's not bad .. iT and math ? HATE iT !! huhu. rewrr. but well, my dae ended so cool. we stroll together wit my friends (gen, tala) den i'l just find it out, ii do have anader pon. weee! ☺ two fone now, cool cool. sooo so happy. that's it. nothing to share nymore .. xD hmm, just check dz *kabuang* edited picx by "paint" haha! hanggang paint pa lan ata aku .. woink! (; gagaling din acou pagdating sa edit, harhar,. (kelan pa kea) check dz out. kind'a cheap, haha!

Monday, October 6, 2008

first dae exam !

quiet damn ! errr .. hate it! got an answer fer accounting yet i knoe it's wrong ! big X .. uhuu . i guees i'll fail. wew. atleast done done done wit accntg. "bhala na" god is oweiz dr .. hhaay.. nothing mur to say .. just wanna share sum edited picx .. out of three, two is cumin' from K & F .. horhor. XD

better check it out, wans't clear but datx it !! haha (; beeh .. (up) ♥

Saturday, October 4, 2008

finals is about to come! :X

finals is about to come! dun even knoe how to studii ebriting about this examination. i reli nid to strive hard .. gahd! hope u'll guide me .. first day of examination, first subject -- ACCOUNTiNG .. crap! i xoxo hate dat subj. dat was my weak subj .. mui midterm grade in dat subj was quiet annoying. errr! hope i can do things so, i reli want to knoe more about this subj. [nkkacra xa!, errr!] hhhahai, information technology, wit an accounting subj, watda! for what? wew, well .. we can't do nything 'bout it. well, em just hopin' i could pass d subj, i dun want to retain. (juscu po) hope things will go on smoothly.
well, i can't take my exam w/o my permit .. atleast i've got my permit yesterday. harsh! we haven't time to visit at comfort room for ourselves. wat we did? run, from fourth floor down to the eng'g kiosk. third floor agen for dean and registrar. quiet urghh! but atleast we've almost done! all we need to do now is studii studii study .. hopefully, we could pass the exam! wew. hope so.

lord, help me! :( i reli need to pass this finals.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

all about muiself .. too long to post it on my 'about me' part ..

It has been 16 years since I came out from my mom’s tummy. I have three handsome older brother’s named Robert, Wilfredo, and Elmer. and two pretty sister named Alma Lyn and Liezl. I LOVE to eat “yummy”. Love’s to sing. LOVES to take picture “obviously”. Addict in blue’s stuff. I spend most of time in texting while listening to music. Whenever I feel sad I found listening love song’s or writing something chuva! Yeah, that’s my drama. I LOVE TO WRITE without restraint. I xoxo LOVE POOH . hope someone got an intension to buy for me, assuming?. I’m a movie buff and love goofing around with my friends BUT I don’t like hanging out with a lot of people that much. I can’t manage to wear anything. I don’t want to wear those uber sexii one. eEiw!.xp. but I have a knack for shopping, it relieves me for my own consistent depression. I look mataray, masungit, suplada, snob type gal, and whatever. All right, I knew it, BUT you should know me first before you judge me. I’m sensitive nut then, oi don’t let it show. I abhor people keep on tricking you after you’ve given your whole trust. So be careful. Don’t you dare to fool me? kei sumbong ta mu .. hihi .. x) I am a big dreamer, I have lots of ambitions in life, all of which I do not guarantee to myself but I intended to take one step at a rime, liberated with thoughts, driven with passion, innocent but clever, believer yet a critic and most of all a god fearing. Jealous envy average girl. LOVE to blab about everything with my friends. My families are friends fuel my bottomless attitude of gratitude for being an amazing the ways they are the people in my life are the bomb dignity.I’m not afraid or embarrassed to say or share the silly things about myself. I’m not that transparent person what you see is not what you get. I like looking into other people’s emotions and sharing their lives. I’m a person of sentiments and I value everything thriving. I’m emotional. I cry a lot and that’s how I take out my emotions (anger). I cry sometimes when I’m watching sad movies. I cry when I’m sad, pissed off or angry. I’m very sensitive, I get hurt easily. I am also a moody gal, I have the biggest swings, and I change my mood like in every other hour. Accept me don’t change me. Neither condemns me nor put me down. Accept me for what I am; no you need to agree with me. For I am a total being. Have my faults, I have my guilt’s, but that is who I am perfect I will never be, allow me to inhibited. Do not pressure me into feeling what I do not feel. Accept me when I’m flying high as I had accepted you when you are flying high. Do not out me down, nor make me feel unhappy about me.Just accept me. The things that you hate about me are the things that make me real, part of who really I am. So it’s better to hate me for who I really I am than loved me foe being someone I pretended to be. I detest people who are plastics and pretentious ones. It’s just not my thing. I’m east to get along with; I can be your friend. Just don’t mess up with me and my loved ones. I am what I am. Deal with it or leave? It’s up to you. I do hate convincing people sometimes. I don’t need to pretend just to please anyone. I am a scared shitless whore. I’m a complex being, versatile in a sense. I can mingle to anyone as long as with good intensions and those interested ones. Oh by the way, I’m a net freak. I spend whole time as long as I have time. xD . About guys, descent and well educated one, I want neat and very organize. Proud of proclaiming to the world that he loves me with full of contentment. Be sure to catch me if I fall, simple as that. I am afraid of rejections, parting and letting go. So if you’re here now and later you’ll leave me behind? Oh boy, don’t make things more complicated now or never. I’ll wait for him, that one man sweep off mu feet. I am a romantic and if this fall is not possible then all I wish for is a man to love me truly, madly. Without doubts! With contentment! I wait for the universe to conspire for it’s awakening something true and lasting. can’t for mui [laughtop, braces, ipod] xD . hahay. kapwa freshy, gudluck stin !. 

holiday .. haha! (; surf surf surf ..

it's holiday! haha .. and here i am again .. sharing . haha! hmm, i didn't visit mui blog for 2 days. bc bc bc .. even now, 'em too bc .. well, i woke up! buy ingredientx for brownies (as oweiz) ahaha . den bake .. as of now. i was supposed to planned for my costume tomorrow's modeling. (nakx! i dun hav any qualifications for a model) waha! but well, it's a must! wew. i need skinny, shoes, and shirt. just as simple as that. wish me luck for tomorrow's activity. ahaha! (; toink! , hmmm. nythin' to share? hmmm, nothing. i supposed to share a lot for dz past days but i nver visit dz blog datx y i need to refresh mui mind .. haha! but well. as far as i remember, i guess it's all about our inspiration .. KF , haha! look up .. wehi . and and and .. we do hav our probie again .. we're too emotional. haha.

tala && i both hab a probie 'bout our studies. maybe we'll stop schooling. uhuhu. :( financial probie BUT we still think positive. positiv, positiv, positiv .. g0o for it ! we think there's a solution .. still, we smile 'coz of our iNSPiRATiON . tnx for them! idk wat to say, nawalan nku xah concentration. i'll share again nxtym .. bbye for now.