Monday, February 16, 2009


2 days after Heart’s Day, I received a group of things into a parcel. It’s unexpected, really. I was out from the bathroom when my mother informed me there’s something I should be noticed. After a sudden, my eyes were just wide open that I’m out of blue and all my mind could come up was “What a weird thing, uh god! It’s a strange thing” After mom signed, she asked me if who was that person who’d got an interest to send me such things. I just say “I don’t know who’s that weird person is, well thanks to him.” Going inside the room, I felt so weird that it really intrigued me. When I was about to look for the sender, I’m surprise to know that it’s really unexpected. Well, when I opened the plastic bag, I felt so pleasant and at the same time humiliated, for I received something which is I never expected and that makes me feel so shy about it. The thing inside was a small and cute stuff toys, a plastic flower and a heart-shaped Styrofoam, and the sweetest one, a tobleron chocolate. *uh, I so love it!*

After taking a look, I then wear my pants and shirt, for my sister was waiting for me. Leaving it on my bed, I feel an air against my skin; seems there must be things I should consider to be thanked for. I just looked up and whispered in the air, “Thank God.” Well, I’m delighted, glad, and blissful for what I had just received. It was really a nice thing to consider valuable. My mind was spinning round and round if what would be the best thing to do to give it back, something that would make him happy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have some idea. While I’m with my sister, still my mind was being so occupied with some thoughts. I just hoped by that time that it would be better than doing usual things.
It such a great experience, maybe weird but cool. First timer really feels unexplainable after experiencing such. Feeling overwhelmed was on me, also flattered. I don’t really expect this to happen. Well, I’m just too blessed that in my whole life, I mean a part of my life; I’ve given a chance to feel so happy. Gathering some ideas on my mind, I carry out that being loved is one of the best reasons to be inspired, that blessings would come to, and that we should really appreciate every little thing in life. I realized that everything in life should be valued and that wouldn’t be wasted, for it has their own purposes and reasons. I know it’s not that easy to, but being so appreciated and appreciated into specific thing was one of a good phenomenon in life. What matters most is, though there were some who didn’t appreciate the feature or item, still it deserves to be glad about and be thankful for. I don’t know what to say but as I wrote this composition, I was just so lucky to be loved, appreciated, and so glad.

Message for you:
Thanks for the things, I so appreciate it. Thanks for the effort, determination to send me such like these; it was really a God-given gift. You said it’s worthy, yes it is. It’s so compassionate. I don’t know how to thank you but I would like you to know that I’m so happy to have this. THANK YOU! *giggles*

wheng <3

How’s your Valentines?

Oh it’s too late to post this but still it’s not bad to share things about heart’s day. Well, being unloved or should I say single is quiet good, for I can do a lot of things. Heart’s day is cool to hear but unfortunately, they were some who didn’t enjoy though and I’m weak to say I’m one of them. The day starts when I woke up. Its 9 o’clock and that makes me think that I’m too late. Doing rush thing, it’s almost 11 o’clock when I went to school but before that, the unexpected thing happened. It was just that my mom won’t give me my regular “baon” and when I try to ask her a money to pay for a somewhat called acrobatics which is part of the activity in school, she refuse to give me. The thing is, she’s murmuring and duh! I don’t like it, I so hate it when someone is murmuring, that was disgusting! After doing things just to have what I want, still it ended bad. I just don’t get it but I cried. I don’t know but the anger and conscience hit me back. When my tears stopped, I then quickly picked my bag up, then go for a walk. Trying to simmer down, swept tears and do what should I do.

At school, luckily, nakapag log-out pa ako. It was not that good day, really. I felt so pity after doing it. Fortunately, my friends saved my day. They try to do such things for me not to worry about what had just happened. The acrobatics is about to start and I don’t know what to do because I don’t have money to pay for the ticket. My friends were just too good to let me borrow for me to attend the said activity. After all, it was not just for fun, its part of our participation in our university week and also we’re required for the signing of clearance. Maybe I was not just good to act the past hours because it’s really important. Amazed, interesting and quiet terrific was our reaction after looking for the excavation of the performers, at least I’m happy after being so badtrip. After the acrobatics, I decided to text Alvin, a friend to be with me for the whole night because I don’t feel going home yet.

Alvin and I, also Mellissa, a friend joined us. We stroll, talked, shared, and doing such crazy things. I was just so bad to take a great pride after what happened early that morning. I went back home late, it was about 1 o’clock in the morning, I guess. I didn’t expect they would let me to come in. In my room, after eating the love donuts given to me from my sister, I then open my desktop and type this. It was a not so good Valentine’s day. I so hate the fact that for a lot of things to happened, why this happened? Usually, I don’t want to feel something for my parents.

But well, I know soon I’ll forget the pain that caused the tears and why I cried. I would just come to realize that the essence of the Valentine is not just about share love together but letting things to do so though it will just end it bad. At least we learned and that was simply called an experience to face. What matters is the love still up and around. So, the things I experienced was not that bad, still experiencing those kind of thing makes a sense.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Integration ...

It has been 3 weeks being too busy serving and trying to adopted all the children’s on the our respective chapel which assigned to us by our professor, Mr. Rabindranath. Just Around 1:00 pm, from school, we proceeded to the place. On a special day, when we visit there, all the children’s were too excited as if they’re longing to see us, and that was quiet funny for us. After the lessons, bible story, catechetical songs, or even games, we tried to ask them what they had learned. The best and good answer we heard was they learned how to love one another and respect each other especially their parents.

In behalf of all our sufferings or even the presence of all the children’s for the 3 consecutive weeks (probably every Saturday), we prepared a food. It was just a sandwich with a so-what called “bihon” on it and a piece of juice. Also, we gave them some candies and chocolates. Luckily, spending a lot of things was just worth it. We don’t even know how it feels after giving them such. As a normal student, we really don’t know why were doing it but we just find it out, that it was fun doing things especially to helped others. It was fun, really.

Tala (a close friend) and I usually appreciated simple things but in that moment, we just don’t get it. I mean, we’re too serious and happy the way we looked those cute little kids playing and laughing. *Oh sigh* seeing them happy melts our heart. They’re one of the reasons why we always smile. The sad was, we won’t see them again. *sob*

New learning’s, unforgettable experience, some pictures to remember, last minute preparation and more.. These are the things we considered that it was all worth it. It feels good to know that we have the effort and generosity to squeeze something out of our pockets to share. However, if you come to think about it, Sharing is not all about you just share. It’s a good thing to send smile to others.

After the session, all went back to school for some important matters. It was really a good and cool experience, to share what we have to others. I don’t know if what’s next after this but all I can say, being part of the said Integration Program is good. I learned, share and suffered which is one of the factor of an individual should have. At least, it’s worth it. Blessed to us who appreciated all we did.

wheng <3