Monday, October 12, 2009


A person, mother, sister and a grandma “Patricia Danieles Miao” pass away. It was 10th of the October when she did her last breathe; awakening me from an intense meditation. I was stunned and somberly bothered of what had happened to granny.

Existing for 88 years in this world is a gift. It’s unforeseen but a reality that persons need to deal on. Grandmas are one of the important persons, a leader, the source of our historical occurrence, and probably the person who knows best for us. They’re presence could help us find the possible answers of our question in mind. Without them, without a doubt we’re not here to live through the exquisiteness of the world.

I couldn’t tell much more about granny because aside from the fact that she’s too far from us, I wasn’t that able to be familiar with her life though we talked that much when we visit there and she visits here. As far as I know Popoy (we used to call her) is just an ordinary person who married lolo and fortunately bless with 8 childrens including my dad. She’s been a good mother but unluckily, lolo died a years ago and Popoy was just brave enough to accept the reality in life. As my involvement with Popoy, the things I couldn’t forget about her is when she asked me to buy hand-rolled-cigarette and an alcoholic drinks, she really used to it. Another thing is when we shared each of our stories. I remember, grandmas most shared were all about ghosts and spirits. “joke? that’s funny lola” the line which was always my response to her every time she share another dreadful stories. Sometimes she scolded me for doing things which is not good for her. All of that are the memories that somehow urge me to recall everything about grandma.

Message for grandma,

La, I will miss you. I know you know how much I love you. I’m sorry if there’s a thing that I didn’t do. I’m sorry if I did thing which is definitely not good for you. I know God will guide you through his way. You’re such a good grandma, an inspiration, and my one and only “Popoy” in the world. I promise to be a good granddaughter, a sister and a girl. I Love You LOLA =(
potpot <3>