Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The unexpected visit before second semester starts ..

Last last week, it was the sophomore’s enrollment day. It was around 9 o’clock in the morning when I’m completely contented with bed. I fixed everything, myself, the things needed, checked the cash given from my mom,and the important school handbook. It was 10 o’clock when I arrived to school and fortunately,it’s not that challenging to look for Tala, haha (a friend)

I was not that pleased knowing that processing my RE113 grade gives me a damn. I was too busy going to Registrar’s office, then to Catechist coordinator, and to my adviser. Uggh. That was not funny, really. I paid twice, running and sweating but thanks to Tala for being with me After an hour, Tala then decided for us to go to CafÉ Amoree. Ü

I’m obviously eager to experience a huge break and I’m getting too thrilled to explore inside the coffee shop and the restaurant on the other side. The ambiance of the place was perfect, the ecological scheme is definitely wonderful and the servings are just right. Ö Thanks to Tita Maryvil (Tala’s mom) for diverting me from more routine. (babalik ako Tita, haha . libre ha?)

The rain poured and we need to go back to school. We eat lunch together at the other side which is the restaurant. After having a break, we then go back to school. Ö

It was an unexpected visit before second semester starts. We also need to refresh our mind from a daily routine and from the very hectic schedule. It’s good to have some break, chill and enjoy. For us students, let’s enjoy the semester!

For more information about Café Amoree or for reservations,
Please visit Café Amoree located at Mabuhay Road, General Santos City.

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