Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Going Back to School ....

Oh, it's too late to post this. It's been days or a week that the school year started, I was lazy then. Anyway, SUMMER has been ruthless to us students who’d able to attend the summer classes. It’s really tiring to go early to school, be present for the seminars/group session or even the things that had been pretty hectic. Those days had just been so weird but students need to deal with.
Now that the summer classes end, here’s another phenomenon that students will be going through. The Elementary students, Secondary and even the college students will suffer again just to learn something. It might be a fascinating matter but still tiring. It’s just one of the necessary things that a person or a student should attend despite the fact that it’s not just easy to earn money to pay the school matter. Everything and all the sufferings will be worth anyway.
Here are some of the students who are busy for their new school things for this school year 2009-2010.
(This girls might be an elementary student. Seemed they're thrilled for the upcoming classes.)

(The cute kids on the go. A cute smile and seemed they're excited though maybe they're not a students, or maybe a kinder students.)

By looking those smiles, we all know that when classes starts, it begins with excitement and an interest but as the classes go through, students were not able to give the smile they had when the classes starts. See how worst the fact is? They seemed to be good and interested when they have this, have that but they don’t even think why they’re require to attend the school. We shouldn’t think that we did and we’re happy to have the things for school, but to appreciate and develop our knowledge by attending school. Enjoy the whole school year everyone. God bless to us students! *laban* xD

wheng <3