Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photographs ..

New entry entitled Photographs is cool to hear. I should actually post this last Monday but maybe I’m in a state of being freak lazy. (lol) Monday has been chilly, it rains. After NSTP class, we have a 2 hours break for the next subject. We were about to while away our time while waiting for our IT125 (Ethics) subject, Tala, a friend and I decided to go for a walk. Here are some of the photographs as what my title’s display. It’s a full flower photos. Sorry ‘em not really a photographer. xD


The pink bougainvillea which is located outside the school (volleyball court side) It looks so cool to see this cute little flowers, attractively looking because of its bright colors.

-pink flower-

I don’t know what the name is but that’s it. This flower got my attention because of its dazzling shades. A pink with a combination of white and a green leaves on it. There’s a bit drops from the rain and the green leaves looks endearing. It’s an eye-catching flower, really. That was located outside the school also, you can see that anywhere. *lol*

-hanging plants-

When I was about to look for the entire place wherein we are the only student’s walking, I saw this hanging plants. I’m not sure if that’s the correct name for that plant I saw hanging but for sure t’was hanging.. :D

wheng <3>

Friday, April 10, 2009

Now she’s 17 ..

It’s been weeks. Maybe I’m just too busy doing things I don’t know. April is almost occupied with lots of events. Being inactive for the past few weeks, I admit and yeah without a doubt, I so miss doing a new entry for my blog. Now, I decided to post a new one for myself to ease my, maybe state of missing this pastime activity. Let me share to you the feeling of turning 17. [= April 1 is ♥. I know it's too late to post this.

She’s been living for 17 years and yeah, living for years makes us feel that we’re thankful. It is a good reason for everyone to live life to the fullest. Smile and enjoy. I was about to step up and turned into 17, and I don’t really know how it feels. I’m just happy that I’m still here, living with my family, with my dreams and there’s always YOU who support and guide me all through my way. I know it feels good to celebrate the day you born every year and you know what, that day, I just can’t help but thanked; for God was giving me a new life, New Year and a new beginning. It’s a great opportunity, really. I felt so happy after knowing that my friends didn’t forget my day. I received text messages, phone calls and maybe some gifts to remember. *thank you guys* It’s a warm-hearted feeling. xD

My day starts with a big smile. =D Bea, a niece greeted me “Happy Birthday Tita!” also Nica,her sister. It makes me feel so good. *giggles* When I was about to check my phones, I laughed out loud receiving a lot of greetings and wishes. *bata2 pa rin talaga iniisip nila sa akin, lol* from hs friends, cousins, and college friends, thank you everyone.

In the dining table, unfortunately my Dad murmured, I don’t know but I cried. He’d just let me know things. “Wag kang umiyak, hindi ako galit”, he added. Well, I know and I’ve got his point. I just feel cheerless what he did but that was fine. I understand.

Poverty is me, lols. I asked my parents to treat my friends instead of having a celebration at home. Good thing they agreed. 11 o’clock when my Mom and I go for a mall then Alvin texted me. We’d meet and stroll while waiting for others to go lunch together. It’s a special day. I treated my friends in SpaziĆ², Gaisano Mall. (Theresa, Pearl, Alvin, Edward) Unfortunately, my college friends were not present that day. *hiya2 pa kasi, loko2 lang* (peace prens)

It’s a cool experience. Being with my friends makes me feel so happy. Now, I’m 17 years young, *lol* I’m glad that I’m still here. My phone still beeped, still receiving greetings. It’s such an unforgettable day. [=


wheng <3