Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The first and last experience ..

Saturday 9 o’clock in the morning, I was disturbed by the noise of my best friend’s voice, Theresa with her boyfriend Norman. I then get up and asked what was the purpose to woke me up that morning. I was beamed after knowing that we will go for a mountain climbing. I picked up my things, call him on the phone for permission then ride on to Theresa’s home.

Picking all the things needed, the group decided to depart the place past 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Unfortunately, there’s no elf going to the place. After waiting for almost an hour in a not so good place, finally we can go off the place and experience riding on a truck.

Unluckily, the rain poured and the 6 teens oblige to hike. It was raining and the ambiance affects the capability and strength of the teens. ( below)

After an hour, we finally reach the place where we’re going. It was still chilly and we’re absolutely drenched in the rain, or even our bags. In the place, everyone fix each thing, arrange and prepare the needed materials. It was 6:00 pm and the group was preparing their food for dinner. (Pork adobo and mixed eggs) and it was 8 or 9 pm when the group decided to lie down.

The sun rise (6am) and since I get up 9 or 10am at home this summer, it’s really an extraordinary incident that I woke up early enough to catch a glimpse of the attractive sunrise. After having our breakfast, the time has come for us to go in the most exciting activity for the day, the hot spring. The direction for the place was not just good, full of twists and turns. Anyone who will go for the place; be careful.

The place was great and perfect for families, friends, and anyone but then again it should be done carefully. Before you get through to the spring expect to walk with awkward steps. I find it so tiring but well, it’s challenging anyway.

After enjoying on the spring, we then go back to the place. I don’t feel well, sick and tired of climbing through the highland that’s why the planned to go home postponed. Everyone suffered and consider that it’s really an exhausted activity wherein you give all your force to reach the top. But somehow, it’ll help an individual to develop their strength and capacity.

Due to the unexpected incident, the group settles all the things again and decided to stay in the place till tomorrow morning.

The night passed and we haven’t noticed that it’s another morning for us to start. I was stunned after knowing that my best friend Theresa feels weak that night but luckily, she feels good after she burst the food she ate. Well, It’s the day for us to come back home. Fortunately, Theresa and I were good after hearing that we won’t suffer that much to walk.
wheng <3

Monday, May 18, 2009


One chilly night, the couple scheduled the night for the chance to be acquainted with each other. They decided to go for a movie and express or speak out what would happen for the link they had been since the couple of weeks. So, as what expected, both share each other’s side, tell what they feel and having a make out loud laughed after sharing those funny and weird things. “Just let me to do this“, he said. “I can’t get enough, just don’t leave me”, the girl added.

The night had been so intent that the rain just wouldn’t stop. The movie ends but still the rain poured. After waiting for more than a few minutes, finally the couple comes to a decision. They leave the place and go for a dinner. (It’s past 11 o’clock) The guy makes a joke, the girl smiles. In the dining table, they seemed so odd that they looked each other’s eyes. Girl then stay away from his eyes and rinse her hands. While having a serious meal, the guy still looked at the girl. Being aware, the girl noticed and says “why? What’s wrong?” the guy stay looked and says “nothing”. Girl smiles then “Okay”. The BBQ is now on sticks and so they talked for a while. “I just can’t do to make this better, I don’t want to be committed, I’m afraid,” the guy uttered. The girl doesn’t know how to respond, she says “No, its okay. I understand. You’ve been through a lot of affairs and I know you would really feel that. Maybe it’s just till here and you’re not just the one but I really don’t know. I just fall”. *guy still looked* “I know you’re not mine but I don’t want you to go”. *both smiles*

The rain outside still poured, they wait for a vehicle and that time, the guy wants to do or to say something. After waiting, finally there’s a vehicle. The guy was just so sweet to be with the girl till she’ll arrive home. *girl feels pleased*. The night ended with a simple smile from the couple and the word “ingat”

--- Do they deserve to have their relationship?
He got jealous, and she as well. She’s mad, he’s mad. They smile, and they sometimes both fighting. tssss. :
wheng <3