Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a girl you wouldn’t really call her typical. A girl with a lot of things to share, a good smile to be kept hidden and a simple life the way she is. She has her own definition of cool. She lived in her own world but in the world with a lot of people called her friends. She’s got into them; she loves it when she’s in her friends. She has her own style- her own rules. The style of being a simple Filipina girl and that’s how’d she was looking forward; to do things as simple as it is. Also, the rule of simplicity is one of her rule. It doesn’t need a social lifestyle; even a simple one thing for her is appreciated. She played along like it was usual. You couldn’t see her alone. For her, laughing all day is a very good exercise. You’ll see her with an out loud laugh on her face. She’s into with it.
Dreaming all day- that’s all she did. Being a big dreamer was acted like that. She tried to do anything for her dreams. And that’ll be one day; she’s got all of it. She likes to make everyone curious. Nobody really even knew her whole personality except friends cause she was prefer to keep it private specially to those people who she really don’t know but she’s interested to make friends with other and that’s the time, she’ll share things all about her life. To her, life was one big game. You play for it and it’s up to you if you’ll accept the consequences. Her life is good that it makes her feel happy though. She loves her life and she is trying to keep it alive and rock it yoe!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Sobrang nakakahiya. Alam mo bang hindi ko maintindihan kung ano nararamdaman ko during that time? PIPOY! Bakit ba hindi mawala sa'yo ang pagiging makulit? Ilagay mo naman sana sa lugar! Sobrang nakakahiya, alam mo ba yun? Bakit ba sa halos araw araw nangungulit ka? Ano ba problema mo? err. Nakakahiya. Nabadtrip ako at hindi ako natatahimik. Sobra talaga akong nahiya. Tama bang gawin mo yun sa oras ng klase na at tahimik ang lahat? Worst is bakit dun mo pa sinabi sa mga taong nakakainis? *wew* Nakakainis ka pipoy! sobra. *sob* Sana naman isipin mo muna gagawin mo bago mo gawin. Nakakainis ka! Pinahiya mo ako! Basta ang alam ko WALANG KATOTOHANAN ANG LAHAT NG SINABI MO!

Wala na akong masabi, nabura ko pa! badtrip. errr.


My day seemed to be upset. I don’t know why but I just got an interest to write down all my ideas in mind. I mean maybe my mind was just full packed that it makes me feel to do this. When I was about to open my desktop, I think things. I don’t even know why that’s the title. I know it won’t take this long.
Life is all about the fact that people to live for. It’s a chance, an opportunity of an individual to deal on. It’s such a good experience life brings to everyone, in fact, it is the most good thing God given to us. Every day in one’s experience must be thankful; for it is another life to be focus. I know everyone love the life they had. It might be neither sad, nor happy but whatever life may gets, still life has always been good for us. It just happened that things happened for a reason and yeah! We live for a reason. We need to deal on it.

For the 16 years of living, my life has been good. It was just an option of yes or no. Yes if I did, no if I didn’t. I really don’t know what my whole life is all about but I believe that whatever I chose has a reason for the goodness of my own and my family. I am a person with a goals, dreams, and plans—I’m a big dreamer. Also, I’m a positive thinker, a student with purpose and I so love the people who were always there for me- my family, relatives, friends. My everyday life is to be treasured. Well, all I want in life is the essence of happiness and success but I know things must be a game. You play, you win or lose. I wanna know the key to success, for I live into happiness not for sadness. Life is everything. It is an experience, an important part being a person and a good reason to smile every now and then. People do experience this; every step is an endless point. Every minute is a life so, don’t waste time. Enjoy your life to the fullest!

wheng <3

Saturday, January 24, 2009

first day integration activity ..

This is another day for sufferings. I so hate the fact that I’m too busy doing things with a purpose. The R.E. Integration program started just this day and yeah! It was kind’ a tiring. We so hate it that it makes us feel boring at all. I really don’t like the day, it was all about practice, teach, and going like nowhere. Finally, here I am. Sitting here (a-walk), looking for some stuff, checking some sites, and doing another entry.

Anyway, we are intended to meet the so-what called children’s in a place (Devine Mercy Chapel, Bulaong) which is where we are going to do the things we must for 3 Saturdays. Every minute is like an every drop of perspiration. Sweating, looked so weird. We just don’t know why we did things like these but we guess we just have to. An hour passed, Sir Rabindranath arrived, and collects our parent’s permit for the said activity. Unfortunately, I left it at home but I tried to ask Sir to bring it on Monday instead. Good thing, he agreed. The place was actually quiet good but the catechists were just unlucky to meet the smell of all the children’s. Sorry but we just smell bad that it couldn’t help us. After 3 hours of sacrificing, finally we ended it well. I guess the children enjoyed and so we were though we just don’t like some things there. We cleaned the area, and going here (school) after. Maybe it was the shot that makes us feel happy then. We’ve been clicking here, clicking there and where ever.(only 1 pic above) When were on our way to school, we’d some chit chats with a group. We are trying to share what we had feel for the first day of our Integration program and also we’ve tried to share what could we do when one of our group was quiet annoying. She’s just too bad not to act good with the kids and it was quiet disappointing for us. Without even knowing, everyone noticed her. Well, we can’t do anything about it. (piling lang tlgah nea)

So much for that, now is the socio-cultural night. I guess everyone was already in the court area for it was about to start. While typing, TALA and I saw the girls passing by with their cute outfit. We imagined if what if we wear those kinds of jeans during our university week? Well, we just attracted for it was very cool to look for. This moment, the alumni walk was so peaceful. No more student’s (except us), laptops, and noise. I just wanna share the today’s tiring experiences and now? I’m tired of typing. Thanks for the time to read this.

wheng <3

Saturday, January 17, 2009

d' last last friday funny moments ..

-a stolen shot of Sir-

-Joan wearing Arghie's shoes- (nkiepal pa shoes ku oh)

exchange shoes (Joan, Arghie)

Last last Friday, we had funny moments together with taldot, joan, arghie. Along with the Museum (General Paulino Santos Museum) in school, we were there to spend the hours left. The moments start when Joan was left unconscious on how to tell her mom that her phone was in trouble. She was in the net cafĂ© when she noticed her phone and wallet was not in her bag. The phone and wallet (about 500 pesos) was gone just for an hour. They noticed someone but they just don’t care ‘coz they never think what was that guy’s intention. After a sudden, the find out that she has no choice but to accept the fact that her day was not just fine that something will happen. But well, the thing is, Joan still manages to laugh though and that was quiet funny. haha. lol. She almost cried; tears of joy because of what we did.
We just did things to while away Joan’s sad moment that time. We did a lot of things just to laugh including the funniest thing we did. The exchange shoes thing. (above)

Another thing is the stolen shot of Sir Rabindranath (our Religion teacher) that was taken when he was discussing about the catechetical instructions. Tala and I was nothing to do while listening to his instruction. She decided to do things on her own, we play together. I tried to borrow taldots phone and I just don’t know why I take Sir a stolen shot. haha, lol. (first pic above)
wheng <3

soon to be 18 ...

I was supposed to share the things happened this day but laziness strikes. Don’t know where to start and haven’t pictures to post. So, what would be the reason I wrote? (LOL) hmm, just want to add another entry though. I’ll share the family outing we had this day maybe tomorrow. What if I’ll share my plans on my 18th birthday? Cool idea. Now, just read it if you’re interested. If not, wag na lang? hehe, sayang time mo. Here’s how it goes. Lol.

Maybe soon to be but actually next year pa. I would just like to share my thoughts or maybe plans on how to celebrate my 18th birthday next year, April 1, 2010. It was such a cool idea to post this (la lang, haha)

Anyway, girls most awaited birthday on their lives was their 18th and yeah! I was a bit excited for that special day. Some girls used to celebrate their natal day with the special persons of their lives; family, relatives, long lost friends, elementary, high school and even college friends. With the cool venue, nice arrangements, yummy foods, having a party with those casual persons is maybe one of their plans. Pero ibahin niyo ako (haha. LOL!) Maybe before I appreciated those kinds of celebration but for now, just as I thought “HiNDi NA” I just realized.
Why do we need to make it special if we really can’t afford that kind of celebration?
Why force?
Why need to do a lot of things if it wasn’t just that easy?
I guess the best and good answer for that is “GO if you really and has a dots to pay and a BIG NO if you just can’t” No more other reasons but you just need to accept it.

Just these past few months, I decided to make a plan for my 18th birthday. Well, some used to celebrate it with their family, relatives and friends—so I was. I would like to have a small and simple party BUT gusto ko sa ibang place. I mean not just here, but sa ibang lugar. Mas malayo as much as possible (hope so) Basta, kahit saan as long as kasama ko lang family ko elsewhere. So much for that, syempre hindi mawawala mga friends ko, while I’m here I want to have a cool party with my friends earlier before my birthday. Kahit ganun lang, I know everyone will enjoy. Hope everything of this will be granted (sana talaga)

Wonder what are those gifts I want to receive in that day? Secret, haha. LOL. No, basta yun ‘yong bagay na gusto ko since 3rd year high school pa ako. (;
Sana magkaroon na ako nun. weee. Medyo napagod ata ako? Hanggang dito na lang? oo, dito na lang muna. (rotfl) ala aman kakwenta kwenta ang post na 'to ih. haha. la lan tlgah akong trip neun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

a new URL ((=

here to inform y'all that due to other's demand, my new URL now is .. please do switch to these URL not the old one ( that was supposed to be herthoughts but it's not available nymore. thanks!

love ♥


"where am I?" (LOL)
[kcc with budz]

-close friend-

Teenager has been good in one’s life. In that, they can do a lot of things including the “such crazy”, “unforgettable moments” and “developing one’s self”. It was a fact that age just wouldn’t stop that’s why we also ended the times of being a teenager. Just as we were about to start being a teen, we’re too excited to know certain things we might encounter. It’s true that being a teen is cool; having a party, meeting new and lot of friends, going out with friends, night outs, experiencing having a partner, or maybe an inspiration. Teenager spent a lot of time with friends, maybe some with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually, people prefer to enjoy their teenage times with their friends; having gimiks, being here, being there. That’s how they spent their moments together. Not all the time it’s good to do those things, we also have our limitations.
Lately, I realized that I need to do things. As a teen, I shouldn’t be irresponsible when it comes to my family and also with my studies. I know it’s not advisable also to just left or maybe don’t give any respect to others but I often did. It’s the greatest thing I regretted and ashamed of. There must be a change!
Well, it’s really awesome to feel or experience being a teen. You meet friends; you were each other’s comfort during trying times and who were always there for you no matter what. I know everyone don’t want to be referred as a freak or bitch! We can only prove that to them by showing the real you. Not the plastic one, but the real you. So, it’s better to be a good person than being a desperate and a plastic jerk! Maybe we wonder how long it would stay. Well, as long as you’re living, you can still manage to see yourself as a teen for being a self-lover. Try to do things which is good for yourself then that’s the way it is.

We are definitely teenagers—carefree, young and wise. We’ve got used to it! Stay stay stay. LOVEYOU! C:

wheng <3

Sunday, January 11, 2009

She is …

She is kind, understanding and caring. She knows where her limits is, she’s friendly. She’s a kind of girl who never lets you down. She will never leave you alone.

Guys …

* When she wakes up, be sure that you’ve sent her a message, probably an inspirational quote.
* She loves blue; make sure every little material thing you’ll give is blue.
* Pooh is her favorite cartoon character.
* Be sure that you’re ready to wait for a long time. She’s always late for a minute.
* Always bring with you your alcohol/hand sanitizer. She might need it.
* She loves chocolates, ice cream, and pasta’s.
* Oopz, tell her that you don’t want sexy girls so she has to be fat.
* Avoid having a lot of reasons when you’ve made a mistake.
* She loves to write anything from time to time. Let her to hold her pen instead of your hands.
* She also loves to watch comedy and horror movies.
* Don’t let her drink alcoholic beverages or else anything will just be ended there.
* Always tell her that you love her, no one but HER!
* When she’s angry, make her punch you or even let her to bite you.(LOL)
* She’s a frustrated cooker. Suggest only the food she can cook.(LOL)
* She loves to sing. You might hear her singing. Hug her and tell her “I LOVE YOU”
* Always have some load so that when she text you, you can reply immediately.
* Avoid doing things that you know it make her feel unhappy. It might bring you in trouble.
* Make her sleep in your arms.
* Caress her hair and nose(she really loves that)
* Massage her as much as possible.

Now, who that girl is? haha. Any idea? =p
much love! ♥

ang bagong laughtop ..

ngAyon oh .. sa wakas at may laptop na si ako! ansaya saya. matagal ko ng inaasam ito kaya naman hindi ko maintindihan ang nararamdaman. haha! kahapon ko lamang ito dumating at naman! sobrang saya ni wheng. yun nga lang wrong timing, kasi naman eh, exam week pero ayos lang. after exam, update na lang ulit. matagal tagal din akong nawala. kaya naman andamig unreplied comments sa friendster ko, bumaba karma ko sa plurk at wala ng bagong entry sa blog ko. grabeh, nakaya ko. kahit papano pala, kaya ko pa rin. haha! (LOL)
Nung nabasa ko lahat ng mga natanggap ko, sobrang natuwa ako. haay naku, basta masaya ako. sana maging close kami, haha! (asa pa ako) Oh sya, magpost na lang ako ng bago pagkatapos neto para pambawi. (;