Saturday, September 27, 2008

haha! it's saturdae? hmmm, wat about dz dae? well, we're just too bc doin' skul workx. no time for rest. we need to compile all the projectx! crap .. not enough time .. 2 iT subjectx, wit a proj on it . it wasn't that easy .. but we can't do nythin about it but to follow.. still, it's good to follow them than having F in finals .. i started my dae wit a smile yet i ended it wit an embarrased felling. 8am was the said plan to start doin' our proj. but as a student, lazyness comes first. so, we're late and we alredii started at 9 o'clock. quiet funny but we're too serious on it. as time runs, we never did nything 'bout proj but check , update our fs instead. after 2 hours of surfin', we felt unhappi then. we dun even start even just 1 letter .. now, that's y we're 'problematic' .. monday's about to come and that would be the day of deadline .. omg! we don't even know wat to do .. but well, we're keepin' a deep breathe and thinking positive that tomorrow, we will be goin' to do it .. no fs, no chats, no research neither. 'coz it's just as simple as [powerpoint] bad isn't it? haha! positive, positive ..

we've tried to do nythin' for us to do our proj .. but failure. kind'a sad 'coz we relii tot my laptop is coming tomorrow but sad to say, it was cancelled. we've tried to call for a help in our friends, to borrow their laptops, to gave us an idea but still .. Failure. after for such an hour, we've planned to make a move! tala & ii went to the G-mall. waiting for her dad .. we stroll and we've got sum picx wyl we're there .. (up there) haha! funny. and datx it .. wehihi. xD we ride on goin' to matatag .. haha! bhai nla tala. we took picx wyl on the car. then, we eat, took picxurs && here we are. typing. wahha! xD i'll sleep over here 'til tomorrow. after proj, cum back home .. haha! (; beeeh ..

as of now? hmm, we're hungry. i'll just leave this wit a smile ☺and a ♥ fer y'all .. muaa.

Friday, September 26, 2008

deo's burdae ! (tala's bro) haha ,, (;

a pleasant day .. ahaha! it's deo's burdei .. tala's bro. tala is one of my close friend ryt now. a good good friend. we both hav dat nice atittude. no wonder we sometimes say we're best friends .. sept 26, 20o8 .. well, maybe it's a pleasant day .. earlii mornin', we felt a not so good dae . ahaha! we relli dun knoe wat to do 4 her to change (gen) but we're hopin' , as soon as possible she would came into dat part .. well, stop about her . she's just a so called "freak && liar" for us . and we can't do nythin' about it .. there she is, and we guess she's happi ayt now .. we can't blame her too. well, i dun want to share 'bout her dat much, 'em afraid dat time will cum i'll find it out she read dz .. "angry && heartache" will be the next 4 xur .. nwei, in d end of dz dae, still ... happi. haha! after class, we waited for tala's dad .. i dun expected dat i can go wid dem .. *shy* her dad, mom, siz & her (siz's bf) is there .. *shy'shy* .. well, datx it! it's raining and inside d car ? (coldd) haha .. wif aircon. chit chat wit her cz and most spexali wit tala. we drop by --> cake gallery , they buy a kyuti cake fer deo.. den datx it . i go home .. and wit a cake! how sweet tala's mom is .. haha!, lubb nea tlgah acou. she gave me 2 slices of cake 'coz i can't go wid dem daw .. so aun .. haha! it ends after .. i thanked dem.

it's my first post so i guess i would stop ir ..
a lot of people txted me na. haha! (; *adeeek*
` first post